Sale By Owner Assistance

direct-mail-partnership“For Sale by Owner” real estate transactions are becoming more and more common today and Guardian Settlement Agents wants to be your partner and advisor in what can become a confusing and complicated process.

We can provide you with the tools and information you need to sell your own property. Our team of real estate professionals can help you decide on the best way to market your home and how to navigate the circuitous selling process path. We’ll share with you mistakes you should avoid, give you tips on how to write strong advertising copy and where to advertise and suggest where to find buyers who are serious about purchasing your home.

When you have found a buyer and are ready to make closing and settlement, we will be there for you to complete the transaction in a professional and economical manner. If the “For Sale by Owner” process is for you, don’t go it alone; go with a proven and trusted partner: Guardian Settlement Agents.