Neighborhood Reports

neighborhoodNeighborhood Reports for Home Buyers
You like the home, the price is great, but what’s the neighborhood like? With an Envoy Report from eNeighborhoods, your Guardian Settlement title and settlement professional will not just tell you, they can show you!

Envoy Reports, formerly known as Neighborhood Reports, contain personalized local information that can be printed, emailed or posted on the web. These comprehensive profiles feature school information, school ratings, city demographics, sold properties, maps, points of interest and more.

An Envoy Report can help buyers make better decisions and help sellers highlight what is special about the area surrounding their home. Get instant answers to such questions as:

  • What public and private schools are located in this neighborhood?
  • What are average class sizes and SAT scores?
  • Is this a popular area for children and families?
  • What kind of education and income do residents have?
  • What kinds of recreational facilities are nearby?

There’s also an Envoy Mobile application that allows you to carry these neighborhood facts in your pocket on your iPhone, Android or other mobile device.

It is valuable features such as Envoy Reports that make Guardian Settlement Agents the trusted partners of home buyers and sellers looking to take a more active role in their real estate transactions.


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